SmartFund en Intersolve help ‘self-employed without employees’ to a secure financial future

As an entrepreneur you are dependent on your personal wellbeing and health conditions. If you are sick for a longer period of time or if you become disabled and unable to work your income may suddenly disappear. 65% of smaller entrepreneurs have not assured themselves through disability insurance. SmartFund is a perfect alternative for employers that do not have the time or do not wish to make the effort to study such a difficult issue. Risk coverage is now much more attractive since SmartFund has collaborated with Intersolve EGI (Electronic Money Institution) for their funds management.

SmartFund is a foundation that stimulates entrepreneurs to collectively set up an association to support each other financially in the event of illness or disability. Every member saves through a monthly contribution to which a joint fund is created.  In the event of an Illness or disability, for a period of up to two years, a monthly tax free gift may be made to a member of the association, based on the amount deposited. This concept is insurance in its most pure form, modernised and with modern protection fund.

Intersolve will help SmartFund to manage the financial control of the SmartFund associations. The money will be managed by Intersolve’s EGI organisation. This escrow service minimizes the chance of error and fraud where Intersolve supervises the distribution of donations in case of illness or disability. As a result, many responsibilities of the administration within the SmartFund association are taken out of their hands. In addition, all cases can be handled without interference of a traditional bank, due to Intersolve’s banking license.

Intersolve is very enthusiastic about this cooperation. Director André Moen: “speaking as an independent entrepreneur I am very well aware of this problem. Especially entrepreneurs of smaller companies who did not start their company to deal with this kind of problem. They want to do business and operate with a passion. Through SmartFund an entrepreneur can easily secure their future in case something happens to them.”