National Crowdfunding Research

On June 26th the National Crowdfunding Research presented its final report; an initiative from Peter van den Akker, Ronald Kleverlaan, Gijsbert Koren and Koen van Vliet. The researchers received support from the Dutch crowdfunding platforms and the Rabobank.

The research focused on the motivation of investors and donors to contribute financially for projects or companies.

The most important results of the research shows that Dutch people view crowdfunding as a new method to make mutual projects possible. The connection between crowdfunding and financing is stronger than the link between crowdfunding and marketing.

The social character of crowdfunding is evident from the fact that donors and investors find it very important to be informed about the progress and results of a project. They are not only interested in the financial compensation they receive. There seems to be a high degree of confidence in crowdfunding as a financing agent.

The study can be downloaded from the research website. In line with ‘together we enable’, the researchers also placed the dataset and the survey online. Researchers, students and interested parties can use the research to further build on the research.

It is now possible to subscribe for the National Crowdfunding Research 2014!


Intersolve embraces Net4kids

As of today, Intersolve, the service provider for loyalty programmes, gift cards, vouchers and payment solutions has become an investor in Net4kids – the corporate good cause for businesses in the Netherlands.

From 2013 to 2017 Net4kids is the only good cause receiving support from Intersolve. Intersolve is starting by donating four press releases on the ANP editorial system, followed by an annual financial donation, campaigns organised by our staff, the potential depositing of gift card credit balances and the establishment of milestones with clients that result in extra investment in Net4kids.

That is the power of sharing!

Intersolve has opted exclusively for Net4kids during this period because: Net4kids is a transparent organisation that sets realistic targets for projects to be sponsored. The long-term philosophy of Net4kids appeals to Intersolve: it’s not just about the here and now, it’s mainly focussed on the future. Investing, ensuring continuity and making choices applies to both Intersolve and Net4kids.

Quote André Moen, owner of Intersolve: ‘In addition to an annual financial donation, we are happy to challenge ourselves to achieve more for Net4kids from within our service provision and from our client network. Over the coming months we’ll be working with Net4kids to see how we can combine our strengths and share as much as possible in the years to come!’

Quote Odette van Zijdveld, Managing Director Net4kids: ‘The thing I like about this partnership between Intersolve and Net4kids is that it’s a complete partnership: sharing business opportunities, collaboration and continuity for all parties, especially for the kids in our projects.’

Do you want to share? Net4kids combines a business approach with emotional involvement and fulfils, in a transparent manner, the CSR policy of companies that place this topic high on the agenda.