8 benefits of SAFE payments

1. You can make payments simply and effectively via SAFE.

2. SAFE performs the (pre)payements for your purchase agreement.

3. Via SAFE, your money is held securely in a trust account until the moment that you have stipulated that, according to the purchase agreement, it may be paid out to your supplier.

4. If your purchase is not delivered you instruct SAFE not to make the payment. Your money remains secure until your purchase is delivered.

5. The suppliers who use SAFE know that they have to deliver your purchase correctly before you instruct that everything has to be paid out.

6. Your transaction is always undertaken via a secure connection (https://).

7. Your supplier is also happy for a transaction to be undertaken via SAFE because prior to making the delivery the supplier knows that you have met your obligations and that SAFE is able to make the payment after delivery.

8. Only after you have taken delivery of your purchase and/or everything has been completed in accordance with the purchase agreement SAFE proceeds to make the full payment. Deal = Deal.