E-money : Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an initiative for attracting funding via an online platform from a large group of investors in order to fund a project. A crowdfunding platform operator brings together several investors and borrowers for a wide range of purposes. Examples are the financing of a start-up company, provision of micro credits or the development of a new product.
In essence, crowdfunding can take place in various ways:

  • donation – gifting money for a good cause
  • sponsoring – supporting a company project or a private project
  • loan – lending money to a company or private individual
  • investment – investing in companies

In order to protect the interests of investors, Intersolve EGI manages the investors’ funds until the funding level required for project financing has been reached, after which the funds are paid out. Prior to the time of pay-out an investor is always able to have their funds refunded.