Gift Cards : Digital Gift Card

The digital gift card can be ordered via the Internet and sent to your e-mail or to any other specified e-mail address. This e-mail can be printed out at home and thanks to the printed barcode and the unique number it can be redeemed in store and/or webshop. The benefit for the customer is that they receive the gift card directly at home and it is therefore ideal as a last-minute gift.

It is possible to personalise the digital gift card by adding a personal message or image to the e-mail. It is also possible to offer a choice from a number of themes. The application can be easily integrated into your own website.


In addition to delivery via e-mail it is possible to deliver digital gift cards to Wallet apps in mobile devices. A card is then presented with a QR or barcode so that it can also be used in stores. This does, however, require special scanning equipment.

POS Printer

A digital gift card can be printed using a checkout receipt printer in a shop. This type is also known as “pin on receipt” and is the same as the e-voucher method, whereby the layout of the receipt is determined centrally and a code is retrieved from the central system for printing.