Services : Loyalty & Coupons

In the current economic climate a satisfied customer is essential in order to continue to do business successfully. One tool for retaining customers is a flexible loyalty programme. This offers the retailer continuous insight into the customer’s spending patterns in store or webshop and creates the opportunity to communicate relevant information to the customer 24/7 via Direct Marketing, e-mail and/or push messages to mobiles.

Intersolve offers the possibility of launching your own loyalty programme quickly, professionally and flexibly, where the existing cash register or (payment) terminal infrastructure is used as much as possible.

Loyalty programmes can be used in a range of ways:

  • Points are added when purchases are made, which can then be spent on discounts or special offers.
  • Digital coupons are personal offers or promotions that are linked to a card, for example as a result of a campaign. When scanning a card with a digital coupon the promotion/coupon applicable at that time is redeemed.

A well-constructed loyalty programme increases the chance of repeat visits, which allows the retailer to infulence the customer buying behaviour and shopping experience.