Loyalty & Coupons : Campaigns

The volume of customer and transaction data offers the possibility of developing targeted marketing activities. By using a campaign tool it is possible to select customers for mail shots based on contact details, areas of interest, demographic details, purchasing behaviour or other variables. The results can be used for producing direct mail, e-mail, push messages or newsletters.

It is also possible to send a “trigger-message” when a customer meets specific criteria, for example if the customer has reached or almost reached a savings balance, has just made a purchase in the store, has reached a savings target or when the customer will be celebrating theirbirthday next month and will therefore receive a special offer.

Coupons can be sent to customers via campaign tools and then monitored and checked. Coupons can be verified immediately in-store via the checkout or terminal and then redeemed. The system offers the possibility of determining the campaign mechanism in advance, for example ‘valid for the first 1,000 customers’ or ‘valid at specific times’. The use of coupons generates valuable management information that can be used for further advanced marketing campaigns.

A campaign tool can also have a POS coupon “waiting” for the customer. This is a targeted campaign coupon that is printed at the checkout during the sales transaction. This increases the chance of repeat visits that allows the retailer to manage customers on the basis of buying behaviour and shopping activity.